EFM Volta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCVTSG287BLA-1
EFM Volta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCVTSG287BLA-2
EFM Volta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCVTSG287BLA-3
EFM Volta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCVTSG287BLA-4
EFM Volta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCVTSG287BLA-5
EFM Volta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCVTSG287BLA-6

Volta Case

Galaxy S24+

Clear / Black
Sale price$49.95
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  • Slim, lightweight & durable
  • Metal camera ring protects lens
  • Excellent impact protection with plant-based D3O Bio
  • Tactile metal side keys
  • Made with recycled materials to reduce plastic waste

EFM Volta Case Armour: sleek, stylish, and robust. Crafted with plant-based D3O BIO, it ensures unmatched impact protection. The slim design, vibrant colors, and pocket-friendly build make it a standout choice. Choose EFM Volta Case Armour for lasting durability and style!

Discover the EFM Volta Case Armour, the ultimate combination of slimness, style, and durability. It is integrated with D3O Bio - world's leading plant-based impact protection material, ensuring exceptional protection for your device.

It features an anodized aluminium metal camera ring for lens protection, and metallic side keys for a stylish look whilst allowing for tactility and responsiveness of buttons.

With geometric shape moulded air pockets, it provides excellent corner and bumper protection while maintaining a slim profile. Made from plant based D3O BIO material, it offers uncompromising impact protection. Elevate your device's defence with the EFM Volta Case Armour.