Small size, powerful sound

Cloudbreak Mini Bluetooth Speaker

EFM Cloudbreak Mini Bluetooth Speaker - EFBACBU909BLA-3

All-Day Music

Nothing kills the vibe like a dead battery. With a 12-hour playback time, the Cloudbreak Mini keeps the party going from sunrise to sunset. And when the lights go down, the dynamic lighting effects kick in, setting the mood for a perfect evening.

Want more? Pair two Cloudbreak Minis together for a full-on stereo experience. It's like bringing a concert to your backyard BBQ, beach party, or wherever you are. The EFM Cloudbreak Mini is all about versatility and fun.

EFM Cloudbreak Mini Bluetooth Speaker - EFBACBU909BLA-4

Crystal-Clear Sound

What's a speaker without great sound? The Cloudbreak Mini doesn't disappoint with its 8W dynamic driver that delivers crisp, clear audio, filling any space with your favorite tunes. And with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, you won't be dealing with those annoying dropouts—just smooth music, all day long.

EFM Cloudbreak Mini Bluetooth Speaker - EFBACBU909BLA-5

Water-resistant and Stylish

We all know that adventures can get a little splashy. But with the Cloudbreak Mini, there's no need to worry about a little water. Whether you're chilling by the pool, enjoying a beach day, or singing in the shower, this speaker's high-level water resistance has got you covered. Plus, the premium aluminium finish adds a stylish touch that fits right in, wherever you take it.

EFM Cloudbreak Mini Bluetooth Speaker - EFBACBU909BLA-6

Get yours today

Ready to upgrade your music game? Grab your EFM Cloudbreak Mini now, and get set for a whole new level of listening experience. It's small but mighty, just like you.

Enjoy the music!