Shatter-Resistant Screen Protection

Impact Glass Screen Armour

Advanced screen protection

Composed of the slimmest, most flexible impact-resistant materials on the market, the EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour offers superior screen protection for iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models.

Crafted with industry leading hybrid technology, the Impact Glass is the future of iPhone protection. It boasts a multi-layer material composition that works to resist shocks, shatters, scratches and cracks, as well as make cleaning easy from fingerprints and grease.

Its advanced Nano coating ensures a touch sensitive, smooth finish each and every time.

Two unique, innovative designs

The EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour offers superior protection from the confines of two innovative, distinct designs.

The Display Optimised Impact Glass is ideal for use with or without a case, and is fitted with five layers of durable, flexible and hardworking screen protection materials.

The Case Optimised Impact Glass is recommended for use in conjunction with EFM’s bestselling Case Armour range. Its six layer composition works alongside our toughest iPhone cases for 360° protection, with a modern black frame for extra style points.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Phone X, Xs, XR and Xs Max
  • Two distinct, flexible designs - Display or Case optimised
  • Anti-shock TPU layer
  • Double-strength hybrid material composition
  • Fingerprint and grease technology
  • Nano coated, smooth and responsive touch-sensitive finish
  • Designed to minimise bubbles and air pockets for even application
Please note that there is no guarantee an EFM Screen Armour will protect your device from everything nor is it unbreakable. However it will add a layer of protection for your phone.


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