EFM Kansas TWS Earbuds


Welcome to the future of connectivity with our earbuds featuring Bluetooth 5.3!

Experience a premium blend of seamless, secure, and super-stable wireless connections. And guess what? It's all served up with a side of energy efficiency, ensuring your jams keep playing on and on.

effortless handling & charging

Low on battery blues? Fret not! EFM Kansas is here with a game-changer – Fast Charge technology. Just plug into the USB-C port, and in a mere 10 minutes, you'll have a power boost that gives you a whole hour of audio playback. That's right, quick as a coffee break and back to your favorite tunes in no time.

Take command effortlessly with touch controls – your audio, your way, no need to break eye contact with your world. Adjust the volume, skip tracks, or answer calls without having to look at your device.

Massive sound

The TWS Kansas earbuds rock 13mm drivers for a seriously big sound experience. These drivers make your music pop, delivering tunes that are louder and more vibrant. It's time to level up your audio game with EFM Kansas – your ears will thank you!

No need to stress about battery life! Our earbuds keep the music playing for a solid 6 hours straight. And when they need a quick pit stop, just pop them back into the case for an extra 18 hours of playtime. That's a whopping 24 hours of non-stop tunes – your playlist's new best friend!