noise cancelling

New Orleans TWS Earbuds

Your perfect music buddy

These earbuds are super cool because they block out noisy distractions with active and environmental noise cancellation. So, when you're grooving to your favorite tunes, it's like you're in your own little world, and when you need to take a call, the sound is crystal clear!

Listen for hours

Now, let's talk about being active. These earbuds are tough cookies – they're IPX4 water and sweat-resistant. That means whether you're hitting the gym or jogging in the rain, your music stays with you, no problem!

What's even better? You get a whopping 7 hours of playback on each earbud! And if that's not enough, the charging case gives you an extra 23 hours.

Massive sound

Having 10mm drivers means you'll get richer, fuller sound. These drivers are like the powerhouse behind the audio, delivering deeper bass and clearer highs, so your music sounds amazing and more immersive. It's like bringing the concert right to your ears!

And with Bluetooth 5.3, you're always connected to your devices without any hiccups.

Oh, and get this – just plug them in for a quick 10-minute charge, and you've got an hour of music ready to go! With EFM New Orleans TWS Earbuds, it's all about style, performance, and convenience rolled into one awesome package!