EFM Alta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCTAGE917CLE-1
Alta Case - Google Pixel 8 Pro
EFM Alta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCTAGE917CLE-2
EFM Alta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCTAGE917CLE-3
EFM Alta Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCTAGE917CLE-4

Alta Case

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Sale price$49.95
  • D3O Impact Protection
  • Military Grade Protection
  • Clear/Opaque
Upgrade your phone's defense today with the EFM Alta Case Armour. With D3O BIO technology, it offers unrivaled impact protection while maintaining a sleek design. Say goodbye to smudges and germs with its anti-fingerprint and anti-microbial coatings. Don't wait until disaster strikes - invest in quality now for worry-free usage every day!
EFM Alta Case Armour is a thin and minimalistic case and offers best in class impact protection for its slimness. EFM Alta boasts a minimalistic, clean design and utilises D3O BIO, a cutting-edge plant-based material from D3O, the global leaders in impact protection, which is renowned for its unrivalled protection and reliability, exclusively engineered for EFM. With anti-fingerprint and anti-microbial coatings, the EFM Alta not only safeguards your device from scratches but also promotes a hygienic environment.  Elevate your phone's defense with the EFM Alta and experience the crystal clear and advanced protection - drop tested to 3.6M.