At EFM, we prioritise creating a positive and respectful environment for both our team members and customers. Our success relies on fostering a culture of mutual respect, professionalism, and dignity in all interactions. This policy outlines the expected behaviour of customers towards our team members to ensure a harmonious and productive relationship.

Expectations of Customer Behaviour

Respect and Courtesy: Customers are expected to always treat all team members with respect and courtesy. This includes refraining from using abusive, offensive, or discriminatory language and behaviour.

Professional Communication: Customers are encouraged to communicate any concerns, feedback, or complaints in a constructive and professional manner. Disagreements or dissatisfaction should be expressed calmly and respectfully.

Non-Discrimination: Discrimination based on any characteristic, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability, will not be tolerated. All customers must treat our team members fairly and without prejudice.

Compliance with Policies: Customers are required to comply with all company policies, guidelines, and procedures during their interactions with team members. This includes adherence to terms of service, refund policies, and any other contractual obligations.

Physical and Verbal Conduct: Any form of physical or verbal harassment, threats, intimidation, or coercion towards our team members is strictly prohibited.

Resolving Disputes: In the event of a disagreement or dispute, customers are encouraged to engage in constructive dialogue and seek resolution through appropriate channels provided by the company. Aggressive behaviour or threats will not be tolerated.

Consequences of Violating the Policy

Violation of this policy may result in various measures, including but not limited to:

Warning: Initial violations may result in a formal warning outlining the breach and requesting corrective action.

Account Suspension or Termination: Serious or repeated violations may lead to the suspension or termination of services provided to the customer.

Legal Action: In extreme cases involving severe misconduct or unlawful behaviour, the company reserves the right to take legal action against the customer.

Reporting Violations

Any team member who experiences or witnesses a violation of this policy should report it to their supervisor, human resources, or designated authority within the company. All reports will be treated with confidentiality and addressed promptly and appropriately.


At EFM, we are committed to maintaining a supportive and respectful environment for our team members. We expect our customers to adhere to these guidelines to ensure positive interactions and productive relationships. By following this Customer Code of Conduct Policy, we aim to create a welcoming atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and professionalism.