EFM ScreenSafe Film Screen Armour with D3O - EFSGSFAE283CLE-1
EFM ScreenSafe Film Screen Armour with D3O - EFSGSFAE283CLE-2

D3O® ScreenSafe Film

Galaxy S23+

Sale price$79.95
  • Anti Blue-Light
  • Anti-microbial
  • EFM Case Optimised
  • Clear
A hybrid multi-layer screen protection film that you can trust, the EFM ScreenSafe Screen Armour provides extreme impact protection thanks to the D3O Impact Layer and up to 8 times more shatter resistance than an unprotected screen. Its the toughest screen protector you can get.

Developed in partnership with D3O who are global leaders in impact protection technology, the range provides smartphones with advanced protection, optical clarity and scratch resistance whilst being ultra-thin, flexible and covers the device screen from edge to edge.

The benefits of this range also include scratch-resistance due to its 9H Hardness layer, optical clarity, touch responsiveness, protection from 99.99 percent of bacteria, and reduction in digital eye strains from anti-blue light treatments.

Coupled with Finger Under Display compatibility, the EFM ScreenSafe Screen Armour is the toughest all-in-solution when it comes to a premium screen protector that has it all.