EFM Dakar Case Armour with D3O Crystalex - EFCARSG284VIO-1
EFM Dakar Case Armour with D3O Crystalex - EFCARSG284VIO-2
EFM Dakar Case Armour with D3O Crystalex - EFCARSG284VIO-3
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Dakar Case Armour with D3O Crystalex


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Introducing EFM Dakar, our newest and toughest case ever. And just like its namesake, this case is engineered to handle all extremes.
  • Anti-UV
  • D3O Impact Protection
  • D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology
  • Rugged
  • Latest fashion trend designs
  • Scratch Resistant

D3O 5G Signal Plus moulded inside the TPU bumper and embedded within reinforced corners protect the device from localised high impact collisions. These elements are then fused with the 100% recycled, ultra-tough 2.7mm PC back plate. The back plate is then over moulded with D3O following a signature stripe pattern, further improving flat drop shock absorption to the back of the device.

When combined with antimicrobial coatings, stadium edge detailing, UV and scratch resistant finishes, Dakar culminates as our strongest, most reliable and most durable high-performance case ever.

Dakar Range Features

360 Degree Protection

Introducing EFM Dakar, our newest and toughest case everJust like its namesake, this case is built for all extremes. D3O® Cystalex moulded inside the bumper and embedded within the reinforced corners protect during localised high impact collisions. The 100% recycled PC back plate is then over moulded with D3O® creating a stripe detail, an innovation unique to Dakar. 

These features combine to provide the highest strength,multi-layered 360-degree shock absorption ever in an EFM case.

The unique 2.7mm
thick multi-layer construction is composed from high-performance PC and TPU,
greatly reducing case deformation and discoloration, ensuring greater
stability, reliability and longevity.​

For the first time ever, D3O® has been
specifically embedded into the camera ring, protecting the phones most
exposed and sensitive asset from impact damage.

EFM® Dakar is engineered to include all the
hallmark features EFM is best known for. These include antimicrobial
coatings (kills 99.99% of bacteria), UV and scratch
resistant finishes, a 100% recycled polycarbonate backplate, and
a variable stadium screen edge which improves
UX ergonomics and flat drop protection.


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