EFM 48W Dual Port Car Charger - EFP48WU932BLA-1
EFM 48W Dual Port Car Charger - EFP48WU932BLA-2
EFM 48W Dual Port Car Charger - EFP48WU932BLA-3
EFM 48W Dual Port Car Charger - EFP48WU932BLA-4

48W Dual Port Car Charger

With Power Delivery & PPS

Sale price$34.95
  • (+45w) Output
  • Dual USB Socket
  • Charger Only
The EFM 48W Dual Port Car Charger is the perfect solution for charging your devices on-the-go. With dual Type-C ports and Power Delivery technology, it provides fast and efficient charging for all brands of devices. Its Programmable Power Supply technology ensures variable power output that suits Apple, Samsung or Google device users. Plus, it's fully certified to Australian standards so you can trust its safety. Don't run out of battery life while driving - get the EFM 48W Dual Port Car Charger today!

Power Delivery and Programmable Power Supply enabless universally compatibility, meaning its suitable for all mobile, tablet and compatible smaller laptop users no matter the brand. The benefit of Power Delivery is optimised fast charging technology that sends the maximum power in the most efficient way to an iPhone when its needed most. When two devices are plugged in, the maximum output is shared efficiently.

The benefit of Programmable Power Supply is so there can be variable power output that would best suit an Apple, Samsung or Google device. With premium quality materials and fully certified to Australian standards, the EFM 48W Dual Port wall charging is the perfect charging solution for your on the go charging needs.