EFM 35W Wall Charger - EFPW35U934BLA-1

35W Wall Charger with Braided Type-C Cable

Sale price$49.95
  • 1.2M Braided Type-C Cable Included - Strong and Durable
  • Single Type-C Charging Port with Power Delivery (PD) 3.0
  • 35W Output
  • Quick Charge 4.0
Say goodbye to slow-charging frustrations and hello to faster charges without sacrificing safety or quality. This charger can fast charge an iPhone 14 device from 0-50% in just 30 minutes, using the EFM cables supplied.

Upgrade your charging experience with the EFM 35W Wall Charger. Whether you're at home or in the office, this charger offers fast and efficient charging for all of your devices. No more waiting around for hours to get that battery back up to full power - this charger gets the job done quickly!

What sets this charger apart from others on the market is its advanced technology. With a single Type-C charging port, it delivers powerful performance that's compatible with various mobile devices and tablets, regardless of brand. Say goodbye to carrying multiple chargers for different devices - this one does it all.

The EFM 35W Wall Charger utilizes Power Delivery 3.0 (PD3.0), Programmable Power Supply (PPS), and Quick Charge 4.0 (QC4.0) technologies to ensure optimal charging efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

PD3.0 dynamically adjusts voltage and current levels through the USB-C port, enabling high-speed charging like never before! PPS takes things even further by optimizing both efficiency and heat generation during charging sessions.

And let's not forget about QC4.0! This feature delivers rapid charging specifically designed for compatible devices, so you can juice up in no time.

Rest assured knowing that this charger is made with premium quality materials and fully certified to Australian standards – reliability is guaranteed!

Don't settle for slow-charging frustrations any longer – upgrade your wall charger today! The EFM 35W Wall Charger will revolutionize how you charge your devices, providing reliable power whenever you need it most.

So why wait? Upgrade your charging experience now with our top-of-the-line EFM 35W Wall Charger – say hello to faster charges without sacrificing safety or quality!