One the go charging

Automatic Dual-Coil 15W Wireless Charging Car Mount

convenient charging on the go

Do you dread untangling cords while charging your phone in the car? Say goodbye to cable chaos and welcome the seamless convenience of wireless charging with the EFM Automatic Dual-Coil Wireless Car Charger. This sleek 15W wireless charger features dual charging coils, which means it’s designed to accommodate mobile devices of all sizes and provide up to 15W wireless charge output.

Just slide your phone into the cradle, and the automatic gripping arms will keep it snugly in place, allowing you to charge on the go without any hassle.

All you need in one package

The EFM Automatic Dual-Coil Wireless Car Charger includes everything you need for an easy setup: a 1m USB-C cable, a 20W power supply, and both dash and vent mounts, so you can choose the ideal spot for your charger. With these versatile mounting options, you can enjoy convenient charging from your preferred position while driving.

Plus, the charger is designed with safety in mind, so you can stay focused on the road without fumbling for cables or worrying about your device's security. Whether you're heading out on a long trip or just running errands, you can rely on the EFM Dual-Coil Wireless Car Charger to keep your phone juiced up at all times.