Case Armour

Case Armour

Monaco Wallet with D3O® 5G Signal Plus Technology

Practical and stylish, the premium Monaco Wallet Case offers the ultimate impact protection and optimum signal for your 5G connection.

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Cayman with D3O® 5G Signal Plus Technology

Experience optimal 5G signal on your latest device with D3O 5G Signal Plus Technology - The ultimate impact protection for your 5G connection.

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Aspen with D3O®

Our slimmest, toughest Aspen EVER.

Combining state of the art technology to outperform even the market leader, Aspen is the ultimate protective case.

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Miami Wallet with D3O®

Slim, tough and practical impact protection for your device!

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EFM Eco with D3O® Zero

Sustainability meets style

Crafted entirely from eco friendly plant-based and repurposed materials, the ECO is as environmentally mindful as it is tough, durable and stylish.

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The Zurich range is flexible, stylish and simple.

Efficient, dignified and yet surprising, with the added benefit of corner impact protection, perfectly designed for those who equally value image and innovation.

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Cayman with D3O®

Slim, tough and stylish.

Slim but tough Cayman is the stylish Case Armour solution, integrated with new generation D3O®, that performs even in extreme conditions.

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Monaco Wallet with D3O®

Enjoy the finer things in life? The Monaco Wallet Case is constructed from high-quality genuine leather and features multiple storage options, aluminium accents and side keys, and a RFID blocking layer to keep your cards safe. It has also exceeded the military grade drop test standard by five times, all thanks to the D3O® impact protection material in the shell.

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EFM Signature Skins

Enhance and personalise your iPhone 11 device with our brand new range of EFM Aspen Skins.

Suited to the EFM Aspen Case Armour range for iPhone 11 device range.

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Seoul with D3O® Crystalex

The innovative new Seoul Crystal Clear Case Armour with D3O® Crystalex™ is the perfect fusion of contemporary style and tough protection.

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Verona with D3O®

Fashion meets complete protection with the newest clear Verona range.

If keeping up appearances is of paramount importance on your smartphone case checklist, the stylish, slim but tough Verona Clear Case Armour is the fashionable solution that doesn't compromise on device protection.

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Le Mans

A hectic pace requires a sturdy and reliable Case Armour selection

The Le Mans range boasts additional layers of impact protection and improved features to protect against dreaded drops and shocks.

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For all the places you'll go, Case Armour has you covered.

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