EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-1
EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-2
EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-3
EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-4
EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-5
EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-6
EFM Zurich  Case Armour - EFCTPSG280FRCX-7

Zurich Case

Galaxy S22+

Sale price$39.95
  • Clear
  • Impact Protection
  • Sleek/Stylish/Pocket Friendly
Upgrade your gaming experience with the EFM Zurich Case Armour! This durable, lightweight, and flexible case provides unbeatable shock resistance to protect your device during intense gameplay or accidental drops. With its textured outer finish for improved grip and transparent design to showcase your device's sleekness, this case is a must-have. Plus, it features cutting-edge anti-microbial technology to keep you and your device germ-free. Don't miss out – get yours today!


  • Antimicrobial - Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Compatible with MagSafe
  • Tactile Grip on bumper - perfect for mobile gaming
  • 2.4m Military Standard Drop Tested
  • Slim but tough construction
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty