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EFM Camera Lens Armour - EFSGCLSG287CLE-3

Camera Lens Armour

Galaxy S24+

Sale price$24.95
  • Offers excellent scratch and impact protection
  • Prevents build up of oily fingerprint & sweat residue
  • Easy installation with tool included
  • Sits flush with the lens
Introducing the EFM Camera Lens Armour - the ultimate solution for protecting your camera lens. Made from aviation aluminium and tempered glass, it shields against impacts, fingerprints, sweat, and more. Its sleek design ensures a seamless shooting experience. Easy installation and stylish colors make it a must-have accessory. Order now for peace of mind!

The EFM Camera Lens Armour is made from aviation aluminium and 9H hardness tempered glass, ensuring your camera lens is protected from sharp impact and fingerprints, sweat, and grease residues. The nano-waterproof coating layer keeps your camera looking good as new. Plus, the extra thin design means you won't even notice it's there.

Installation is a breeze by just using the precise hole positioning plate to align and stick the cover on in one step. And with our range of cool carbon and iridescent colours, you're sure to find one that suits your style. So protect your camera lens today with EFM Camera Lens Armour.