EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour Display Optimised  - EFSIGAE172CLE-1
EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour Display Optimised  - EFSIGAE172CLE-2

Impact Glass

iPhone 11 Pro Max & Xs Max

Sale price$39.95
  • Anti Blue-Light
  • Clear
  • EFM Case Optimised
Protect your device with the EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour Display Optimised - top-notch protection without compromising style or functionality. Enjoy optimal touch-screen sensitivity and seamless compatibility with EFM's Case Armour range for complete 360-degree protection. Say goodbye to bulky cases and flimsy protectors - invest in quality today!

Crafted with industry-leading hybrid technology, Impact Glass boasts a multi-layer material composition that works to resist shocks, shatters, scratches and cracks, as well as make cleaning easy from fingerprints and grease. The Nano coating ensures a touch-sensitive, smooth finish each and every time.

Key features:

  • Impact-resistant, light, and flexible
  • Tough hybrid material composition
  • Schock and scratch-resistant TPU layer
  • Easy cleaning
  • Nano-coated smooth, responsive finish
  • Case Optimised: Works alongside EFM Case Armour range - 360° coverage
  • Eliminates bubbles and air pockets for smooth application
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
Please note that there is no guarantee an EFM Screen Armour will protect your device from everything nor is it unbreakable. However it will add a layer of protection for your phone.