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Zurich Case

iPhone 15

Sale price$39.95
  • Sleek/Stylish/Pocket Friendly
  • Impact Protection
  • Wireless Charge Compatible
Introducing the EFM Zurich Case Armour - your ultimate phone protector with 3.6M drop protection, scratch-resistant backplate, and antimicrobial technology. Upgrade now for reliable impact protection that doesn't sacrifice style or functionality. Don't settle for less – join thousands of satisfied customers and trust your device with EFM today!
Introducing the EFM Zurich Case Armour - your ultimate phone protector that's tougher than ever before! With a whopping 3.6M drop protection, you can rest easy knowing your precious device is safe and secure.

But it doesn't stop there! Our Zurich Case Armour also features a scratch-resistant rigid PC backplate and a protective TPU bumper, giving you superior grip and ergonomic functionality. Say goodbye to those accidental slips and hello to peace of mind!

We know how important it is for your phone case to maintain its slim profile without sacrificing on protection. That's why we've designed our Zurich Case with intricately moulded air pockets that provide exceptional corner and bumper protection while keeping things sleek and stylish.

And let's not forget about hygiene! We've built-in antimicrobial protection that eliminates a staggering 99.99 percent of bacteria. Now you can enjoy using your phone in a clean, hygienic environment every single day.

Designed with EFM features in mind, the Zurich Case Armour includes stadium edges for added durability, camera ring protection to keep those lenses pristine, and easy-press buttons so you never have to struggle when adjusting volume or snapping photos.

Upgrade now to the EFM Zurich Case Armour - where reliable impact protection meets style at an affordable price. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to safeguarding your beloved device.

Whether you're searching for "phone case Australia" or "tough phone cover", our product has got you covered – literally! Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust their devices with EFM products today.