EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour - EFSGIMAE608CLE-1

Impact Glass

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Sale price$29.95
  • EFM Case Optimised
  • 9H Hardness
  • Application Tool
Get ultimate protection for your iPhone screen with the EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour.

Made from hardwearing Japanese tempered glass, it's like having a shield for your device. With 100% transparency and responsiveness, no sacrifices are made in clarity or touch screen sensitivity. Say goodbye to scratches and smudges ruining your viewing experience. The innovative anti-dust installation tray ensures a perfect fit every time, making installation a breeze.

Protect your investment with style - get an EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour today!

EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour provides protection for your iPhone screen. Made from hardwearing Japanese tempered glass, whilst maintaining 100 percent clarity and touch screen sensitivity. Edge to edge protection gives you peace of mind that EFM has you covered. It has a 9H hardness rating and anti-fingerprint coating to ensure a scratch and smudge resistant surface. 

Innovative and patented anti-dust and perfect alignment installation tray is included in-pack to ensure you can install perfectly anytime, anywhere.

NB. There is no guarantee an EFM Screen Armour will provide 100% protection to your device, 100% of the time in all circumstances.