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Chicago TWS Earbuds

Sale price$199.95
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • ANC - Active Noise Cancelling
  • ENC - Environmental Noise Cancelling
  • Infrared sensors pause audio when earbud is taken off
  • 8 hrs playback + additional 28 hrs with charged case
Experience unmatched audio with EFM Chicago TWS earbuds, where premium sound meets advanced ANC and crystal-clear calls. Enjoy effortless listening with IR sensors and up to 28 hours of music.
Introducing the EFM Chicago TWS: engineered for a premium listening experience that marries our most sophisticated features with uncompromised quality, convenience, and style. Dive into a world of premium sound.

With advanced ANC technology, the Chicago earbuds offer an oasis of calm in a noisy world. Six microphones work in harmony to cut ambient noise by up to -35db, ensuring your music remains pure and uninterrupted.

Experience the magic of IR sensors that pause your music the moment an earbud is lifted. This smart touch adds a layer of convenience, making your audio experience seamlessly integrated with your daily life.

Charging becomes a breeze with the wireless charging case. Compatible with any Qi wireless charger, it ensures your earbuds are always powered up and ready to deliver an immersive sound experience whenever you are.

Boasting 8 hours of playtime and an additional 28 hours stored in the case, the EFM Chicago TWS Earbuds are your perfect musical companion. From dawn till dusk, enjoy endless hours of audio excellence.