EFM Baltoro Case Armour - EFCBTAE608CLE-1
Baltoro Case - iPhone 15 Pro Max

Baltoro Case

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Sale price$29.95
Introducing the EFM Baltoro Case Armour - the ultimate phone protection solution that's affordable and stylish. Made from high-quality materials, it showcases your handset while providing a slim design and ergonomic grip. With drop-tested durability, recycled content, antimicrobial technology, and budget-friendly pricing, choose EFM Baltoro for reliable phone protection today!

EFM Baltoro Case Armour uses the best ultra-clear TPU flexible material to really show off your handset. It is slim and sleek, creating an ergonomic and functional case for those on a budget. It is drop tested to 2.4M.

It is also composed off ultra-flexible, lightweight materials containing recycled content. With built in antimicrobial protection killing 99.99 percent of bacteria, you can rest assured FM Baltoro Case Armour protects you and your device.

The EFM Baltoro is the ideal cost effective phone protection solution.