EFM 35W Wall Charger - EFPW35U933WHI-1
35W Wall Charger - With PD & PPS - White

35W Wall Charger

With PD & PPS

Sale price$34.95
  • Charger Only
  • Single Charging Port
  • Power Delivery (PD)
Upgrade your charging experience with the EFM 35W Wall Charger! Say goodbye to slow charging times and hello to quick power-ups. With its compatibility with PD3.0, PPS, and QC4.0 technologies, this charger delivers powerful performance for all devices. Upgrade now for reliable and lightning-fast charging every time!
The EFM 35W Wall Charger offers fast and efficient charging for your devices, whether at home or in the office. It features a single Type-C charging port that delivers powerful charging performance. The charger utilises Power Delivery 3.0 or PD3.0, PProgrammable Power Supply or PPS, and Quick Charge 4.0 or QC4.0 technologies, ensuring compatibility with various mobile devices and tablets regardless of the brand. PD3.0 enables high-speed charging through the USB-C port by dynamically adjusting voltage and current levels. PPS further optimises charging efficiency and heat generation. QC4.0 delivers rapid charging for compatible devices. The charger is made with premium quality materials and is fully certified to Australian standards, providing a reliable and essential charging solution for your devices. Upgrade your charging experience today and enjoy reliable and fast charging with the EFM 35W Wall Charger.