WITH TWS & HYBRID Active noise cancelling

Seattle Earphones

A noise cancellation hybrid.

Born out of the desire for uncompromised active noise cancellation, the EFM TWS Seattle ANC Earbuds are capable of reducing outside noise by -35dB utilising hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) technologies, allowing each earbud to deliver a high quality audio experience – even in the noisiest of environments.

Dynamic 10mm audio drivers recreate an immersive sound stage, while integrated infrared sensors automatically pause audio when you remove an earbud.

Built for the all weather conditions.

Built with an IP65 rating to protect from dust and water infiltration, the EFM TWS Seattle ANC Earbuds guarantee effortless performance during workouts and other activities no matter the weather conditions. ​

Coupled with an enormous 8 hours playback time and up to 35 hours of battery life with a fully charged case, means you’ll stay connected for longer - barely missing a moment of in-game action, audio book narration or lengthy conference calls.

Defined by a compact minimal aesthetic, an exciting range of contemporary fashion colours transcend the bounds of self-expression inspired by the American city of Seattle.

Key Features