EFM Cayman Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCCASG287CBN-1
EFM Cayman Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCCASG287CBN-2
EFM Cayman Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCCASG287CBN-3
EFM Cayman Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCCASG287CBN-4
EFM Cayman Case Armour with D3O BIO - EFCCASG287CBN-5

Cayman Case

Galaxy S24+

Sale price$79.95
  • Good Design Award 2023
  • D3O Bio impact protection
  • Sleek/stylish/pocket friendly
  • Excellent grip & handling
  • Rigid & durable ensures longevity
  • Camera ring to protect lens
  • Scratch & UV resistant

Elevate your phone protection with the EFM Cayman Case Armour. Offering unparalleled defense from impact, sustainably sourced materials, and a sleek design, this award-winning case is a game-changer. Bid farewell to shattered phones and welcome peace of mind.

EFM Cayman Case Armour version 2.0 is our award -winning re-design of the iconic, pocket-friendly, slim but tough Cayman case. Redesigned to be tougher it has won the 2023 Good Design Awards for excellence in Innovation & Design.

We've reinforced the corners and bumper for added strength, ensuring that a device stays safe from powerful impacts. Integrated with world-class D3O Bio impact protection technology, your phone is shielded from harm like never before.

Our Cayman Case Armour 2.0 is packed with features that elevate it above the competition. The antimicrobial backplate kills 99.99% of bacteria, but is also UV and scratch resistant. What's more, it's made from recycled materials to reduce waste.

The variable stadium screen edge protection provides screen protection in the event of a flat drop. The innovative D3O BIO material provides both device protection and environmental preservation.