The Aspen with D3O®

The Aspen with D3O®

Slim but Tough

EFM Aspen is the ultra-sleek, ultra-protective case solution that performs even in extreme conditions.

By utilising D3O® - the revolutionary impact protection material globally recognised for its innovative and superior impact resistance qualities – and state of the art manufacturing techniques, Aspen Case Armour outperforms even market leading competitors.

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Tried & Tested

To ensure optimal impact resistance, NEW Aspen Case Armour has undergone extensive lab testing.

The Aspen range has been subjected to the most rigorous testing methods and has shown significant advances in the following areas when compared to the current market leading protective case;

38% SLIMMER BUMPER - only 2.9mm thick
198% SLIMMER BACK PLATE - only 1.5mm thick
190% GREATER IMPACT RESISTANCE - lower impact force measurement (kn) means higher impact rating.Click for impact rating details.

Key Features

  • Constructed using D3O® impact protection technology
  • ULTIMATE impact rating of 12
  • Exceeds Military grade drop test standard by 500%
  • Slim but tough design
  • Scratch and UV resistant back plate
  • Stadium edge screen surround to protect the device screen
  • Reinforced camera flash ring to prevent camera lens damage
  • Two year free replacement warranty

Experience our slimmest, toughest Case Armour range EVER.

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