10 Podcasts To See You Through Summer

10 Podcasts To See You Through Summer

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Gearing up for a long, hot summer Down Under? With many of us holding our breath for time off work to eat, drink and be merry, it’s also a great time to join the millions of podcast lovers out there, and to become hooked yourself.

For that, you’ll need somewhere to start. Luckily for you, the podcast-mad team at EFM cast their votes for the top ten podcasts out there and we have our final tally.

From comedy to crime, conversation to cinema, we have your must-listen summer podcast list to fuel the addiction!

1. Unqualified

Actress Anna Faris (the Scary Movie series) has moved into the world of podcasting, and pod-fanatics are every so thankful for it. Each week, Anna has a famous friend over to her house to chat and field listener calls, offering “unqualified” advice on a variety of life’s obstacles. The results are laugh out loud hilarious.

Recommended episodes: Allison Janney, Ed Helms and Bobby Lee are all memorable guests for all the right reasons.


Aussie larrikin and all-round darling of the comedy circuit Wil Anderson pops up on so many podcasts these days it’s hard to keep count. TOFOP partners Wil up with his equally funny mate Charlie Clausen to discuss a litany of mundane topics, many of which we all can absolutely relate to. If you can’t get enough of Mr Anderson, he regularly appears on The Dollop as a special guest at Australian tour live shows (see #5 on our list!)

Recommended episodes: Sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of The World’s Greatest Comedian and Exploding Chooks.

3. The Teachers Pet

This investigational podcast had already been met with national critical acclaim, but current developments have now propelled it onto a global stage. A production from newspaper The Australian, The Teachers Pet has taken a much-needed look at the disappearance of Sydney mother Lyn Dawson in 1982. With suspicions lingering over Lyn’s husband, Chris Dawson, for decades, this podcast is credited with firing up the investigation again. So much so, Chris Dawson was arrested this month on suspicion of murder. We will be keeping a close eye on this one.

Recommended episodes: Listen to the entire first season from beginning to end - and don’t miss a detail.

4. I Don’t Know How She Does It

A Mamamia podcast network production, I Don’t Know How She Does It shines a weekly spotlight on a woman who has kicked some serious goals in her personal or professional life. It’s an inspiring listen men and women alike rate highly, and has a range of impressive guests on to suit any field of interest.

Recommended episodes: Interviews with Kimberly La and Gemma Sisia are great episodes to dip your toe into this podcast.

5. The Dollop

There’s a reason The Dollop is firmly on the list of the most-listened to podcasts on the planet - recently claiming the number one spot for a time. Favourites in Australia due to their many tours here, the boys from The Dollop dive into events from American history (and sometimes beyond) that you DEFINITELY didn’t know about before. So gut-bustingly funny it should come with a warning.

Recommended episodes: The Rube, The Toxic Woman of Riverside and Competitive Endurance Tickling will you have you crying tears of laughter.

6. The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast

One of the great things about podcasts is the range of show categories available - and health and fitness is a big one. If you are searching for motivation to get more active or embrace a healthier lifestyle in 2019, The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast should be subscribed to. Host Dan Kennedy motivates and inspires with his array of interest topics and guests, all geared towards getting you moving!.

Recommended episodes: Re-building Your Relationship With Food and The Mental Benefits of Physical Health with Nick Bracks are a great place to kickstart your health and fitness odyssey.

7. Movie Crush

If you’re a film buff and love nothing more than analysing and enjoying a range of great flicks, Movie Crush is your dream podcast. Each week, host Chuck Bryant invites a guest on who names their favourite movie. Together, they discuss every instricacy of the storyline, cast, cinematography and even behind the scenes goss. A must for movie lovers who will feel like they are hanging out with cinephile friends.

Recommended episodes: The ladies from My Favourite Murder (see #9 on our list) making an appearance discussing Silence of the Lambs, Paul Schneider on Back to the Future and Raymond Carr on Labyrinth.

8. All Bad Things

A little-known podcast that is steadily growing a strong following of loyal fans, All Bad Things is just what the name says. A podcast dedicated to covering a series of bad things from the around the world, hosted by husband and wife team David and Rachel. The research is stellar and the reporting detailed. But be warned, it can get pretty heavy.

Recommended episodes: The Chernobyl four-parter and the Andes Plane Disaster are standouts.

9. My Favourite Murder

The girls from My Favourite Murder have turned podcasting into a successful career, touring the world discussing the most macabre topics - in a comedic way. When they aren’t flying the globe, they are camped out in Georgia’s apartment, discussing murder, sharing listener stories and being totally relatable along the way.

Recommended episodes: Peak Experience and Proclensity are not to be missed.

10. The Guardian Books Podcast

If you plan to smash through that pile of books on your dresser over summer, you’ll need some top-shelf recommendations. Acclaimed news network The Guardian hosts this weekly podcast, which features special guests discussing a litany of books and their themes and motifs. It’s easy to listen to and will inspire you to get busy reading.

Recommended episodes: ‘Peter Carey in Conversation’ and Bill Nighy reading ‘The Invisible Child’ are both excellent.

You can subscribe to podcasts through your favourite podcast app. There’s many on the App Store, as well as the pre-installed app on iPhones. Be sure to check out EFM’s range of audio products to make your listening experience the best it can be.

With free, clever, hilarious and smart content literally at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

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