Sierra Earphones

Full comfort, lightweight, Bluetooth audio experience.

If you are into Low-profile, active sports headphones then Sierra Earphones are the perfect fit!

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TWS Earphones

Truly Wireless Sound in a sleek, stylish and comfortable design

Get a truly wireless music experience with the TWS Earphones

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Jura Wired Audio Earphones

Durable, dynamic sound quality with the Jura Wired Audio Earbuds

If your fast-paced lifestyle means you require audio products that are up to any challenge, the new EFM Jura Wired Audio Earbuds will get you where you need to go, with an top-quality backing track to match.

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Bergen Bluetooth Speakers

A fusion of style and sound, the all-new compact Bergen Speaker is fashionable, fun and offers crystal-clear sound quality.

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Malibu Bluetooth Speakers

Sound quality meets style with the Malibu Bluetooth Speaker.

If you are discerning with your sound quality, and expect only the best from your speakers of choice, the EFM Malibu Bluetooth Speakers will tick every box on your audio purchase checklist.

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Maui Bluetooth Speakers

On-the-go tunes with the Maui Bluetooth Speaker.

Maui is renowned for its laid-back yet adventurous spirit, and the EFM Maui Bluetooth Speaker has much in common with the Hawaiian island it is inspired by.

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For all the places you'll go, EFM will keep your ears entertained.

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