EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour - EFSGFXAE283CLE-2
EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour - EFSGFXAE283CLE-1


Galaxy S23+

Sale price$59.95
  • 9H Hardness
  • Anti-microbial
  • EFM Case Optimised
Protect your device with the ultimate EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour! With 4 times more shatter resistance, scratch resistance, anti-blue light treatment, antimicrobial properties, and easy installation, this screen protector is a must-have. Order now for peace of mind knowing your device is safe and secure.

Features include a 9H Hardness rating that makes this screen protector scratch resistant, anti blue light treatment to reduce the digital strain on the eye and antimicrobial properties that kill up to 99.99 percent of microbes throughout the lifetime of the product.

Along with 2D, 2.5D and 3D curve compatible construction and Finger Under Display compatibility, the EFM FlexiGlass Screen Armour is the all-in-solution when it comes to a screen protector that has it all. Plus, this range comes with an innovative and patented installation tray in pack that makes the install experience smooth, seamless and minimises the risk for warranty claims.