EFM Earphones

Valhalla Wireless Stereo HD Earbuds

Compact, all-in-one charging

With a clever charging case, the exciting TWS Valhalla HD Earbuds possess unmatched sound quality, style and playtime potential.

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TWS LE Earphones

Truly Wireless Sound in a sleek, stylish and comfortable design

Get a truly wireless music experience with the TWS Earphones

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Altai Wireless Earphones

Crafted for maximum workout wear, the waterproof EFM Altai Earphones offer superior comfort, sound quality and wireless style.

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Olympus Wireless ANC Earphones

Featuring Active Noise Cancelling, wireless Bluetooth® technology and digital signal processing the EFM® OLYMPUS WIRELESS ANC EARPHONES deliver a high quality audio experience without compromise.

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Atlas Wired Lightning Earphones

Wire yourself up with the EFM Atlas Earphones, the ideal audio companion for comfort, style and useability.

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Taurus Wired Type-C Earphones

The Taurus Earphones seamlessly blend modern style with effortless practicality for all-day wearability.

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For all the places you'll go, EFM will keep your ears entertained.

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