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D3O® Impact Protection Technology

With a mission to empower busy, modern Australians to power through their day, EFM® designs and manufactures an extensive range of quality, high-end device gear, carefully crafted for those who live their lives to the fullest and are always on the go.

Through an exclusive partnership with D3O®, the UK-based developer of patented ground-breaking impact protection solutions, their unique military-grade protection technology is used in various EFM® Case Armour exclusively across Australia. 

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The pioneer of engineered, sustainable leather.

A significant amount of leather is unused and often destined for landfill. ELeather is a sustainable leather alternative made from recycled traditional leather fibres that retains the luxurious look and feel of leather whilst significantly reducing environmental damage.

Our newest Monaco Wallet cases are integrated with ELeather, and by choosing the new EFM Monaco Wallet Cases, you are playing a part in preventing tons of leather going to landfill, lowering carbon emissions, and reducing the use of water – one of our most precious natural resources.  
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We partner with leading, exclusive technology, material or solution providers to bring quality device gear for busy lifestyles.

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