True Touch Glass

True Touch Glass

True Touch

Ultra-thin, hard-working protection with the True Touch Glass Screen Armour.

Any device junkie worth their weight in gold knows how important it is to look after their screen to ensure it remains crystal-clear and operating as it should.
Even the best of intentions can be met with unforeseen hurdles, however, and shocks and drops can spell disaster for the quality of a smartphone screen.
Enter EFM’s True Touch Glass Screen Armour technology.


Compatible with all iPhone 5, 6 and 7 model variations and the Samsung Galaxy S6, the True Touch Glass is also the EFM Screen Armour range that protects iPads - an added bonus for those with a litany of devices. This includes sizes designed to fit the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air and Air 2 and the iPad Pro 9.7.
Innovative and durable with a solid 9H hardness rating, its ultra-thin tempered glass formula acts as a heavy-duty shield against potential screen hazards.

The True Touch Glass’ state-of-the-art construction repels grease and fingerprint residue, ensuring perfect visibility and ultimate clarity after a clean - an important feature for any valuable device.

Key Features

  • Impressive 9H hardness rating
  • Grease and fingerprint repelling technology (easy cleaning)
  • Ultra-thin tempered glass construction (0.3mm)
  • Easy to apply and long-lasting
  • Compatible with iPhone 5/5S/SE, 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus, 7/Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 model.

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Ultra-thin, hard-working protection with the True Touch Glass Screen Armour.

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