D3O® Impact Film

D3O® Impact Film Screen Protector

Hybrid multi-layer screen protection you can trust

Scientifically engineered to provide your smart phone with advanced protection, optical clarity and scratch resistance, D3O® Impact Film is an ultra-thin, flexible screen protector featuring brand new multi-layer technology from the experts in impact protection at D3O®.

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Tough and durable non-tempered glass protector

Featuring Nano Anti-Scratch Impact Shell fused with TRUST-Optix Impact Protection from D3O®, the Impact Film Screen Armour covers your screen with hard-wearing, scratch resistant flexible material while maintaining optimal touch-screen sensitivity.

Please note that there is no guarantee an EFM Screen Armour will protect your device from everything nor is it unbreakable. However it will add a layer of protection for your phone.

Key Features

  • Compatible with iPhone Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro Max
  • Engineered for advanced protection by D3O®, the global leaders in impact protection technology
  • Market-leading optical clarity and scratch resistance
  • Ultra-thin, flexible polymer laminate designed to protect glass.
  • Smooth and responsive touch-sensitive finish
  • Designed to minimise bubbles and air pockets for even, easy application
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty 
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Setting a new level in screen protection.

Why EFM?

2 Year