Charge & Sync Cables


Charge & Sync Cables

Sync, charge and go with EFM’s range of Charge and Sync Cables featuring the latest technologies.

Be gone the hassle of the irritating ‘cable flip’. EFM’s range of Charge and Sync Cables are unsurpassed in their intelligence and ease-of-use.
Our range is as attractive as it is high-performance, so the only choice left is - which cable is the right fit for you?
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Lightning Range

If your device requires a common Lightning connection, seen in most Apple products, the USB to Lightning Cable range is for you.

With an ultra-fast sync, charge and transfer rate, these MFi-approved cables are available in 25cm and 2m variations, designed to suit your own spatial needs.

The extra-long, durable 2m Lightning Cable is available in both the original format and an all-new Smart Cable variation. The Smart Cable utilises Device Sense Technology (DST) to determine your device’s charge requirements and optimises the power output to suit. This genius technology ensures that hazardous overcharging is a thing of the past.

Micro USB

For devices requiring a micro USB option, EFM has you covered with our long and strong 2m USB to Micro Cable.
Fast, efficient and entirely rotatable, you will love the simplicity of this lightweight yet tough product.

Type C Range

The USB to Type C Cable makes it easy to plug and go, in a generous 2m, rotatable design that will get maximum use and provide optimum performance.

Key Features

  • MFi approved range (Lightning and Type C range)
  • Long-lasting and highly-durable design
  • Optimum charge, transfer and sync speed
  • Generous 2m cable length
  • 360° rotatable cable
  • Available in black or white
  • Five-year manufacturer's warranty on entire range

EFM have a cable for every occasion.

Why EFM?

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