EFM Portable Chargers

EFM Portable Chargers

Charge where you need, when you need

It’s one of the downsides of the modern age, the age of being constantly connected to the world around you. Losing all-important charge on your smartphone or device when you most need it. 

Charging on-the-go is the answer to sustain your fast-paced online lifestyle, and EFM has the solution with our compact, lightweight portable charger range. 

The EFM range of portable chargers

Never run out of battery life again with our portable chargers that are designed for maximum charge in the shortest time possible - wherever you are. 

From portable car chargers designed to power you up as you cruise from A to B, to power banks for charging multiple devices at the same time, the EFM range of portable chargers are equipped with state-of-the-art Device Sense Technology (DST), for a faster, more efficient and safer charge every time. 

Charging made easy, every time

No matter where you are, be it on the road, jet-setting, or just too far from a power outlet to charge up - our portable chargers and power banks are not only compact and fully-transportable, but sleek and stylish enough to blend in to any environment - for all the places you’ll go. 

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Our range portable chargers will keep you on the go.

Why EFM?

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