It's the End of Financial Year!

Time to upgrade your tech and get those tax deductions.

Why EFM?

Because we get you. Your gadgets are your lifeline, and our accessories keep them charged, protected, and ready to roll. Plus, they’re tax-deductible! Here's how you can smartly invest your technology and hardware budget in EFM products to make the most of your EOFY budget:

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Pump up your presentations and meetings with high-quality sound. Our portable speakers are perfect for any workspace.

Tax Tip: Speakers for work use? Absolutely deductible. Make your meetings memorable and your tax return lighter.

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Phone Protection Accessories

From rugged cases to screen protectors, our phone accessories ensure your devices stay safe from drops and scratches.

Tax Tip: Protecting your business equipment is a smart investment and a legitimate tax deduction. Secure your phone and your finances.

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Wall Chargers & Cables for Phone, Tablets, and Laptops

Keep your devices powered up with our high-speed chargers and durable cables. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, we've got you covered.

Tax Tip: These essentials are tax-deductible because they are necessary for your business operations. Charge up and write it off!

Wireless Earbuds

Enjoy crystal-clear calls and music with our premium earbuds. Perfect for those conference calls, bit of relaxation between meetings or during travel for work.

Tax Tip: Earbuds used for work purposes are tax-deductible. It’s a win for your ears and your budget.

Power Banks

Never run out of juice with our high-capacity power banks. Essential for busy professionals who need their devices working as hard as they do, wherever they are.

Tax Tip: Power banks used to charge business devices are a deductible expense. Power up and save more!

Car Chargers

Stay powered up on the road with our fast car chargers. Ideal for those who are always on the go.

Tax Tip: Business travel requires reliable tech. Car chargers used for work travel are tax-deductible, keeping you connected and compliant.

Wireless Chargers

Say goodbye to cables and charge your devices with ease. Our wireless charge pads are sleek, efficient, and perfect for any desk setup.

Tax Tip: Investing in wireless charge pads for your business tech? That’s another tax-deductible item. Charge wirelessly and deduct effortlessly.

Why Wait? Boost Your Productivity and Your Tax Return!

Invest in EFM accessories today and enjoy the benefits of
top-quality products and end-of-year tax savings. It’s smart, it’s simple, and
it’s just good business.

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