iPhone 6 Cases

iPhone 6 Cases

The extensive range of iPhone 6 cases at EFM.

With the continuing popularity of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, at EFM we knew that we had to offer the biggest range of cases to suit each and every unique personality. 

That’s why our iPhone 6 Case Armour range is so varied in its features, but with one important element in common - maximum shock, drop and impact resistance thanks to the inclusion of the world’s most advanced iPhone protection technology.

Ultra-lightweight, dynamic and sturdy, our iPhone 6 case range is ideal for each and every lifestyle, whether fast-paced or slow-going. Regardless, wherever you are going, you’ll get there in style with the EFM Case Armour for iPhone 6. 

The biggest range for the timeless iPhone model.

Our Case Armour range is vast, and if you are the lucky owner of a slim and slick iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’re in luck. Almost every one of our case designs are available to fit your device like a glove. 

From the classic and sophisticated New York and Miami designs, the sporty Le Mans, to the serious protection of the top-selling Aspen, Monaco and Zurich ranges, a plethora of cases are at your fingertips. 

With select designs offering the added assurance of impact-resistance TPU and state-of-the-art protective D3O technology, added peace of mind is merely a mouse click away. 

iPhone 6 protection to take you all the places you’ll go.

2014 signalled the release of the hotly-anticipated Apple iPhone 6 model, and gadget aficionados still consider it one of the brand’s best thus far. 

Enduring as a popular iPhone purchase option, every iPhone 6 - and its larger 6 Plus sister product - needs a lightweight, fashionable and hard-working case to protect the slimline device from harm.

Look no further than EFM for the answer. 

An extensive range of iPhone 6 cases that will take you all the places you'll go. .

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