iPhone X Cases

iPhone X Cases

Hi-tech protection for the newest generation of iPhone

Apple lovers rejoice! The brand, which only seems to grow exponentially with each passing
year and subsequent much-hyped release, has surprised even the most discerning
smartphone addict with the newest addition to the Apple iPhone family - the iPhone X.

With inside sources claiming that the X model has been almost a decade in the making, fans
have unsurprisingly queued up for days to get their hands on the newest generation Apple
iPhone model release.

If your own dedication has paid off, and you are the proud new owner of a dynamic new
iPhone X, you of course need the best, heavy-duty phone protection to ensure it lasts the
test of time.

EFM stays ahead of the mobile accessories pack, and has ensured we release accompanying
iPhone X Case Armour to perfectly line up with the release of the new gadget, to take you all
the places you’ll go.

EFM’s state of the art iPhone X case technology

Lucky new owners of the iPhone X have been singing the praises of the new release,
claiming it is near-perfect and the best product the Apple brand has released in their long
history of exceptional smartphones and devices.

The premium, super-slim design boasts a powerful, improved camera with TrueDepth
technology, Face ID unlocking capabilities, wireless charging for hassle-free on-the-go
power, and perhaps the most controversial change to the existing iPhone range - the
complete absence of a ‘home’ button we are all so used to.

The main objective of the iPhone X’s never-before-seen design was to completely
streamline the way iPhone users use their smartphone, to make access quicker and less
cumbersome, and to improve the quality of the existing features.

The result? A seamless device with superior security, protection and modern style.

This complete iPhone overhaul has thrilled us here at EFM (after all, we love iPhone’s just as
much as our valued customers do) and from the earliest announcement of the release, we
have worked hard to ensure we offer a unique, hi-tech case protection range ideally suited
to the ultra-light, slim and curved-edge design of the iPhone X.

The finished product? A selection of our best, top-selling, toughest and most stylish cases
that offer optimum protection to your valuable new device.

Our dynamic iPhone X case range

One of the few drawbacks owners of the new, ultra-modern iPhone X have cited is the
dangers of scuff marks to the metal rim, and have all agreed a strong case addition is
imperative to ensure the smartphone stays in tip-top shape.

Well, we’ve heard the masses, and upgraded two of our most popular and strongest Case
Armour designs to fit the new iPhone X specifications - the new Aspen and the Cayman case

The Aspen is the quintessential all-rounder, comprised of world-leading D3O technology, an
innovative impact-resistant material that is unsurpassed in its field. Don’t live in fear of
drops, shocks and hazardous impacts to your new iPhone X any more! The Aspen offers
absolute protection in a lightweight, stylish design , and is available in classic black, pastel
pink and our fun new Cosmos iPhone cover design.

The Cayman, also equipped with the aforementioned D3O impact-resistant technology,
offers the toughest functionality and style in its light, slimline and fashionable case. Choose
from either black or pastel pink variations.

Protect your brand new iPhone X in style

EFM doesn’t just stop at upgrading our Case Armour range to fit the new iPhone X like a
glove. We’ve also ensured our varied, one-of-a-kind screen protection range is
revolutionised to fit the bill as well.

Our exceptional Sapphire Glass screen protector design is now available to fit the new and
improved iPhone X screen, and will ensure that your optimum-quality new smartphone
screen has the same level of protection as the phone itself. Its anti-scratch, anti-blue light,
anti UV and anti-glare properties ensure that your screen is fully-protected from scratches,
cracks and impacts - all with the added benefit of protecting your eyes from the hazards of
screen exposure.

360° device protection is at your fingertips with EFM’s new range of iPhone X products.

Ultimate impact protection for your brand new iPhone X, all in an impressive, stylish case?
Look no further than EFM’s incredible range of Apple iPhone X cases.

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