Cayman with D3O® 5G Signal Plus

Cayman with D3O® 5G Signal Plus

Integrated with D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology

The first 5G compatible smartphone protection material

Due to the high sensitivity of 5G, today’s 4G smartphone cases can significantly impact the performance of 5G antennas, causing dropped calls, slow data transmission, and poor battery life with the device needing to work harder in order to find and maintain a good connection. Thinner cases made with low permittivity materials, such as D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology, allow for stronger signal to pass through the case.

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How D3O® with 5G Signal Plus Technology™ Works

D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technolog is a low-permittivity material with micro voids that allows the 5G signal to pass through to the device, which has been proven to reduce 5G signal loss by up to 37 per cent compared to other protective case materials in market.

The incorporation of 5G Signal Plus™ Technology into the EFM Cayman Case Armour for Galaxy S20 devices allows for stronger 5G signals to pass through the Case Armour, giving users clear audio and video call quality, faster download speeds and longer battery life, while providing best-in-class impact protection.

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Key Features

  • Integrated with D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology
  • PC backplate with anti-scratch and anti-UV coating
  • 6M drop tested
  • Slim but tough design
  • Stylish, durable metallic accents
  • Stadium edge screen surround to protect the device screen
  • Reinforced camera flash ring to prevent camera lens damage
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Slim, tough and ultra-stylish - from clear to patterned designs, EFM Cayman has it all. 

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