Aspen Flux for iPhone 12/ 12 Pro - Slate

Aspen Flux for iPhone 12/ 12 Pro - Slate

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EFM® Aspen Flux Case Armour for iPhone 12/ 12 Pro incorporates brand new MagSafe technology, EFM's signature quality and D3O® with 5G Signal Plus TechnologyTM  to provide users with the best call quality, download and transfer speeds, enhanced battery life, seamless alignment and fast charging capability with MagSafe devices and chargers - all whilst having your device's back against accidntal knocks and drops.

Key features:

  • Durable and protective
  • Certified Made for MagSafe
  • Incorporates recycled content to minimise impact to the environment
  • 6m Military Standard Drop Tested
  • Bumper integrated with D3O® with 5G Signal Plus
  • Slim but tough construction
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty 

D3O Impact
Military Standard
Drop Tested
Slim but Tough
Shock & Drop

EFM Aspen Flux incorporates brand new MagSafe technology, combined with EFM's signature quality and D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology- providing a premium 5G user experience. The range uses Apple's MagSafe Case Magnet Array and is Made for MagSafe certified.

EFM® Aspen with D3O® with 5G Signal Plus TechnologyTM Case Armour also features the latest in antimicrobial technology, making the iPhone 12 Series range one of the slimmest, clearest and cleanest protective cases on the market. This classic range also features a new and improved PC backplate that is sturdy, consists of recycled materials to reduce impact on the environment and wraps around the D3O-infused bumper for additional protection, better structural integrity and reduction on the rate of yellowing. The stadium screen edge assists in shielding your device in the event of a flat drop.

Due to the high sensitivity of 5G, today’s 4G smartphone cases can significantly impact the performance of 5G antennas, causing dropped calls, slow data transmission, and poor battery life with the device needing to work harder in order to find and maintain a good connection. Thinner cases made with low permittivity materials, such as D3O with 5G Signal Plus Technology, allow for stronger signal to pass through the case.

D3O® with Signal Plus TechnologyTM is the only material proven to limit 5G signal loss by 37% - giving you optimum 5G signal,  crystal clear audio and video, faster download speeds, prolonged battery life and best in-class impact protection. The latest ion-exchange technology incorporated into the case material kills up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and prevents further growth and reproduction during the life of the case.


Packaging contents:

  • 1 x EFM Aspen Flux Case Armour with D3O® with 5G Signal Plus Technology and MagSafe Case Magnet Array
  • 1 x Instruction/Warranty Details


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Apple iPhone 12 Pro

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