EFM Aspen Folio
with D3O® & ELeather®

Aspen Folio Case Armour

Engineered for next-level protection.

ELeather® is engineered leather, an advanced material made with traditional leather fibres. It retains the luxurious look and feel of traditional leather, providing enhanced comfort associated with soft trimmings. ELeather’s sustainability efforts are centred around three key pillars:

  • Increasing recycled content of their materials
  • Lowering carbon emissions within their manufacturing process
  • Reducing the use of Earth’s scarce resources such as water and land use
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Functional and protective

Made with D3O, the Aspen Folio Case Armour is ultra slim, protective and drop tested to 2.4m. It's design features storage and charging for an Apple Pencil, and a function detatchable folding folio cover. The removable folio cover contain magnets that attached seamlessly with the case, and can be folded to allow for protrait and landscape viewing.

Additonally, the folio cover also activates the sleep and awake mode for an iPad for added convenience and saving power.

Aspen Folio features

  • 2.4m Military Standard Drop Tested
  • Integrated with D3O® & Eleather®
  • Antimicrobial
  • Detachable flip cover that folds into multiple viewing options
  • Built-in charging slot for Apple Pencil
  • Slim but tough construction
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Proceeds support Mission Australia
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Aspen Card - the most protective and functional Card Case yet.

Why EFM?

2 Year