Sierra Wireless Earphones

Sierra Wireless Earphones

Freedom From Wires

Get wired for sound, not wrapped in wires!

Let's be honest, wires are a pain. They tangle, get in the way, take up room, break or don't work with your device. 

EFM Sierra Wireless Earphones give you the freedom to ditch the wires and enjoy an untethered audio experience that's as easy as pushing a button.

Regardless of whether you're something of an audiophile or a fitness fanatic who needs their favourite jams to get through an intense workout, the feature-packed Sierra Wireless Earphones deliver on sound, comfort and performance.

Feels Good, Sounds Great

Awesome sounds with the 'aaaahhhh' factor!

EFM Sierra Headphones have been designed to fit comfortably and securely, regardless of whether you're watching a clip on the couch or running a marathon. 

Their lightweight design has a barely there quality that stops anything from getting between you and your audio and allows you to enjoy a truly immersive sound experience.

With comfort, style and performance firmly in mind, EFM has designed the Sierra range to take your sounds to new heights.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, comfort fit
  • 6 Hours playback time
  • 18 Day stand-by time
  • Noise & echo cancellation
  • Comfortable fit
  • Interchangeable earpieces included
  • IPX4 Water resistant
  • Two-year free replacement warranty


Why EFM?